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We’re Fell Swoop, a digital design firm that helps our clients turn business strategies into irresistible experiences—mobile apps, websites and software—and make the world a more useful, usable, and creatively inspired place.


Turning up the heat on one of the world’s most popular cooking apps

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Design Strategy

Developing ideas that drive action

You can’t hit a target until you paint it on the wall. At Fell Swoop, strategy is a defined process that builds consensus, maps a measurable destination and straightens the road to results. Through our Clarity Lab workshops we help you quickly set a target and take aim before designing.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Making the most of every interaction

The ideal user experience is a collection of perfect moments that harmonize to achieve a strategic business result. Each interaction should bring your brand to life and help the user engage, orient, learn, decide or buy.

Usability Testing

Learning what works best by observing people use it

We make sure our design gets the right results by testing our work with real people—every time. Our in-house lab is equipped for testing websites, mobile apps, and software, using behavioral observation and eye tracking technology.

Brand and Identity

Brand & Identity

Bringing brands to life through creatively-inspired design

Regardless of the power of your core strategy, your brand is judged by the way people experience it for themselves. Whether we’re designing from scratch or building on existing brand assets, we infuse brands with currency, vitality and longevity. Our experience with brand development and management allows us to take our clients from strategy to naming, to identity, brand guidelines, and the market.

Ecommerce Website


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Mobile App

People Celeb Food

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