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Simplifying the art of meeting logistics.

Getting the right people in the right place at the right time is no easy task. It’s even more challenging when meeting organizers are frequently overbooked themselves. That’s why Asure Software asked Fell Swoop to create a mobile app of their meeting scheduling software, called NowSpace.

Streamlined, efficient, intuitive.

We designed the NowSpace app to automate much of the scheduling process, like finding available meeting rooms with the right technical capabilities and open time slots for attendees. This allows organizers to schedule meetings with a few simple steps, from wherever they are.

Getting started quickly.

To get the app in market as quickly and efficiently as possible, we worked alongside the Asure Software team in a rapid ideation workshop we call a Clarity Lab™, which allowed us to determine a design direction in a matter of days. From there, we built working prototypes to test with real users in order to refine the designs even further.

Bringing simplicity to the desktop.

As a part of this redesign, we optimized the experience for people using touch devices, making sure buttons and text fields were an optimal size.

We also redesigned the web-based version, simplifying the user interface and design to give users a similar experience no matter which version they were using.



With a more pronounced visual hierarchy and user friendly design, scheduling experts and novices alike can quickly find the right time and place to get the right people together, and help business get done.

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