Romance in the age of ecommerce.

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A high-tech experience with a high-touch feel

An engagement ring is a high-stakes purchase. Giving buyers the sense of confidence and trust they need to buy one online requires a special touch. Ritani(www.ritani.com) used our expertise to build a premium ecommerce experience that communicates a superior sense of quality and service.


Guiding users every step of the way

We tapped into our deep ecommerce experience to deliver an intuitive design that educates users and shepherds them through the decision and sales process. Buyers can learn about trends, create custom combinations of stones and settings, and even view individual stones.

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From education on the Four Cs—Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity—to information about purchasing trends to an efficient ecommerce experience, Ritani delivers an end-to-end purchase path with a high degree of trust and a premium level of finesse.

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“Nailing the art and the science in a UX effort is very hard. Most teams can nail one, but not the other—Fell Swoop nailed them both. I would strongly recommend them for anything commerce related without hesitation. Their skills, talent, and service-level are stellar.”

- Kevin Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing, Ritani

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