Clarity Lab

The shortcut from ideas to action; a faster, easier way to a strong design foundation.

What is a Clarity Lab?

You’re under the gun, charged with bringing a digital experience to life—maybe refreshing an existing app or building an ecommerce website. You have a business goal: increase conversion, engagement, or account registrations. You need to improve the user experience, and quick. That’s why we developed the Fell Swoop Clarity Lab. It’s a rapid ideation process that establishes a design direction in a matter of days—not weeks or months.

How it works

Usually lasting from one to three days, Clarity Lab is a collaborative process designed to generate ideas and solve problems in a condensed timeframe.


Goals & Parameters

In a collaborative workshop setting, we distill user personas, scenarios, and goals, along with the key business objectives informing the project.


Concepting & Ideation

Our team regroups and rapidly sketches multiple interface options to give you lots of choices. We look at the key use cases that make up an experience and how they connect to your brand.


Cut & Converge

We present the best ideas and work with your team to run them through the gauntlet of your business needs. The result is a strong foundation for building a great experience.

Benefits of a Clarity Lab:

Turn requirements into solutions

Walk away with design solutions that meet key user and business needs.

Build team consensus

Get everyone on the same page so you can move forward faster.

Generate ideas quickly

Together with your team, we create a range of viable options in just days.

Set a course

Give your design team what it needs to execute efficiently, or work with us to build a working prototype.

Case Studies

We’ve done Clarity Labs with a lot of our clients, here are a few examples:


Epicurious Mobile App

Using our efficient Clarity Lab workshop, we brought together the Epicurious team to harvest ideas, which become the foundation for more than a dozen user experience concepts. In just a few days, Epicurious had a diverse menu of options representing distinct strategic and tactical approaches.


People Celeb Food Mobile App

We gave People the VIP treatment with our efficient and fast-paced Clarity Lab workshop. In just three days, we went from gathering information to rapid-fire concept development to a clear design direction.