Fell Swoop turns 10!

Fell Swoop celebrates 10 years and looks ahead with a new CEO

Fell Swoop turns 10!

Our founding story

In September 2008, I co-founded Fell Swoop. The plan was simple; to blend the art and science of user-centered design and to make websites and apps useful, usable, and creatively inspired. That still drives me today, 10 years later. While 10 years in business is an accomplishment in itself for our team, there are things I’m even more proud of.

Our excellent clients

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world including Facebook, NBC Universal, The New Yorker, Microsoft, and Virgin Mobile to name a few. I’m forever grateful to the fantastic people at these organizations such as Aimee, Laura, Kevin, Alex, Om, Monisha, Gary, Dow, Angela, Brandon, Brian and the many others. Your success is our success, so thank you for allowing our team to help you achieve your goals.

Employee profit sharing: over $1.7m and counting since 2008

Fell Swoop has been profitable since day one and I’ve always believed strongly in sharing the wealth we create. I started profit sharing at Fell Swoop after our first year in business and since then I have distributed profits to the staff totaling over $1.7 million. For a small business, that’s an accomplishment I’m truly proud of as I know this money has helped our employees and their families improve their lives and invest in their futures.

Our vacation policy

I established a generous PTO policy early on to reflect our values and dedication to work life balance. While not always easy to do in this industry, we’ve consistently offered 6 weeks of paid time off annually. Nearly every employee uses all their vacation time each year spending time with family and friends and investing in their lives outside of Fell Swoop.

Talent growth

Several people that started at Fell Swoop as staff level designers moved up the ranks to become partners, vastly increasing their experience while bolstering their resumes. This experience has set them up for success for years to come as they pursue careers elsewhere. I’m proud that Fell Swoop has been a place where people can grow as professionals, become better practitioners of their craft, and achieve greater heights. Many other people that have spent time at Fell Swoop have honed their skills here and continued to thrive in their fields.

The next 10 years

I started Fell Swoop because I love UX design and client service, and this hasn’t changed. For the past 10 years I’ve been involved in client work while leading the company as Principal and CEO, that is a lot of hats to wear. I’ve been looking for a separate and dedicated CEO for Fell Swoop since the early days, talking to several potential candidates inside and outside Fell Swoop. My goal has always been to find someone to focus on growth and the day-to-day needs of the agency, freeing me up to dedicate my time to what I’m most passionate about; working with clients.


Several years ago, one of my long-standing clients, Alex Berg, decided to join Fell Swoop as a Director of Strategy. Alex made a great impact at Fell Swoop from day one, helping improve operations internally, and delivering exceptional service to our clients. Alex knows our business inside and out, which I feel has made him the perfect candidate for the job.

I first began talking to him about this role a few years ago, but timing didn’t work. Fortunately, the timing is now right, and I’m excited to announce that Alex Berg is Fell Swoop’s new CEO. Alex will be focused on leadership and growth at Fell Swoop freeing me up to focus on UX and client services entirely. I couldn’t be happier to have Alex on the team, and I’m excited to build a strong foundation for our business that will lead us into the next 10 years.

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