Announcing the 'Cause - Effect Conference' on Sept 10th, 2019

As UX professionals we’ve seen our share of conferences. In Seattle alone there’s no shortage of great choices for design professionals looking to supplement their knowledge and certainly more for those looking to get a few days out of town.

What Seattle doesn’t need, despite its growth, is another UX conference.

What’s missing is something that’s reflective of how products are truly conceived, created, and validated. Products aren’t made in silos – they’re joint efforts that extend across design, product management, marketing and more. Product teams are comprised of diverse individuals that sit shoulder-to-shoulder asking hard questions like:

  • How do we know we’re creating the right product?
  • What’s the best way to establish a brand when the experience is nearly entirely digital?
  • How do we best harness the capabilities of new modes of interaction?
  • What role do ethics play in creating experiences? Can we design to persuade without compromising ourselves?

It’s precisely these questions that lead us to create the Cause – Effect Conference.

Working with Madrona Venture’s incubator Create 33 we’ve created a one-day conference for product managers, marketers, and UX designers. The purpose of the conference is to better understand how industry leaders understand and influence behavior, find clarity in their product’s vision, and infuse meaning.

We’ve got some great speakers lined up including Getaround Design Director Chris Risdon. Chris, a former design director with influential Adaptive Path, has spoken all over the world on service design and other UX topics. He recently co-authored ‘Orchestrating Experiences’ published by O’Reilly.

Other speakers and panelists include the Director of New Business Lines for Rover – Alison Kramer, Google Cloud UX Design Manager – Matt Conway, former head of Alexa Skills Design for AmazonPhil Hunter, and Zillow Principal Product Manager – Adam Cohn.

Over the next several weeks we’ll roll out our remaining speakers and panelists, the full agenda, and start selling tickets. We’re limiting the conference to a single day so we can keep the quality bar extraordinarily high and the impact on your schedule low.

The conference will take place Tuesday, September 10th at Create 33’s new event space in the Wells Fargo tower on 3rd and Madison.

Check out the event site at and leave your email address to stay in the loop! You can track conference updates on Twitter @causeeffectlive.


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