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Hello 2016!

Like most small businesses, at the beginning of a new year we assess what we’ve done in the past year and what we’re aiming to do in the one ahead. It pleases me to report that 2015 was special for Fell Swoop. We stayed focused on providing great client service, and in turn retained existing clients, brought in new ones, and exceeded our revenue projections. We also welcomed lots of new faces to fill a lot of new chairs in our new office in Pioneer Square (that’s a lot of new, huh?). All of this is a product of learning how to work better at being a team working together instead of a bunch of people in a room.

We’re excited to be where we are—and in 2016 we want to build on it.

What’s next?

Simple—produce great work. Well, maybe not so simple, but it’s what makes us thrive as passionate professionals and provide world-class service to our clients.

What does great work mean to us? Making something we are personally proud of, that we would feel comfortable showing during a sales meeting to a room full of potential clients. Great work accomplishes real-world goals for world-class brands, and doing great work attracts the best people to work at Fell Swoop as we grow, those that embody our values of collaboration and empathy, honesty and flexibility, and self-motivation and drama-free. And who bring their A-game every day.

In some ways, we’ve achieved these goals. We’re working with world-class brands such as The New Yorker, Facebook and Microsoft Windows, but there is always room for improvement. In thinking through and evolving our values, we’ve been inspired by Netflix’s stellar Culture & Responsibility slide deck. Clear as a bell with no punches pulled and more than a little bit revolutionary, we recommend it for everyone who wants to do better work, be better to each other in the workplace, and reward each other properly for it.

In 2016, I’ll be working hard to ensure that Fell Swoop is a place that makes these goals happen for our team, and make it a place where we make amazing things—world-class things—happen for our clients.

Happy new year!