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Introducing Fell Swoop’s Usability Testing Workshop

On March 22, 2013 Fell Swoop is offering a full day workshop in Seattle, WA. The aim is to help people learn to conduct usability studies on their own when they don’t have the resources available to hire a team or an independent researcher.

These days we find that most people in the internet business value usability testing as part of the web and app design process. While the desire to conduct usability testing is often there, many people can’t afford to hire a team or simple want to do the work themselves. Without a doubt, the experts bring something special to the table, but usability testing is something that just about anyone can learn to do and all it takes are some fundamental principals and some practice. This is exactly what we’re offering with our workshop.

Unlike many of the big conferences that offer days of theory and boring slideshows for thousands of dollars, we’re offering something different, something pragmatic. Our workshop will be held in Seattle in our own usability lab with real end users. Every workshop participant will have an opportunity to learn through doing. Participants will work in our lab and conduct a study with real user under the guidance of Fell Swoop’s experienced staff. Through participating in this workshop participants will gain confidence in every step of the usability testing process, from planning, to recruiting, to moderating, to analyzing and reporting.

We’re looking forward to this initial workshop and can’t wait to help others learn more about usability.

More information here: www.fellswoop.com/workshops