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Link Roundup 7/30 – 8/3

Seattle’s Seafair is in full swing, the Blue Angels just flew by my window and the new Top Pot doughnuts in our building looks to be just days from opening (we heard a rumor there’s a delay with the fire permit). Here’s this week’s link round up.

  • We love the approach SEOMoz takes to their business. If you’re not familiar, this video is a great introduction to their quest for radical transparency: http://awe.sm/c2B0B
  • Over on Ask Hacker News a developer looking for recommendations on improving his design skills got some great advice: http://awe.sm/c2ATA
  • Digg relaunched this week and their wireframes got almost as much attention as the new site (which still kind of looks like a wireframe): http://awe.sm/l1UiG | http://awe.sm/h241X
  • This week in “Unsolicited Advice to Marissa Mayer” brought us another look at Open vs. Closed Innovation: http://awe.sm/j29xg