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So many devices, so little time—find your match with the Windows 10 Instagram Device Matchmaker

With the release of Windows 10 and the changes brought about by Satya Nadella, Microsoft has become a place of innovation both in software and hardware. They have a family of lauded devices consisting of tablets, notebooks, gaming consoles, and more, yet picking the right device can be daunting—until now.

Our social team thought it would be cool to use the flexible, evolving platform of Instagram to create an interactive tool that clearly shows off what makes each Microsoft Windows 10 device special. And great.

We came up with the Instagram Device Matchmaker.


In designing the matchmaker, we wanted to explore Instagram’s functionality to structure a compelling, useful journey—a story, even—for consumers. Using the style of Choose Your Own Adventure, the matchmaker guides users through a series of questions to arrive them at the best device, with each question informed by previous answers:

What would you like more time for?


Friends would describe you as:


How do you spend your tech time?


What’s your dream office?


From answering these questions, the matchmaker gives you one of five choices: Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Xbox One, Lumia, or Microsoft Band.


To try the matchmaker, follow the Windows Instagram handle @Windows.