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Staff Profile: Diane Mower

To help you get to know Fell Swoop, we’re introducing a series profiling members of the team.

First up is Diane Mower, Associate Designer.

What do you enjoy about working at Fell Swoop?

The leadership team is good at keeping in touch with people and making sure they have what they need to grow. For example, at other agencies you decide what you want training in and you pitch that to the higher-ups who may or may not pay for it. At Fell Swoop, the leadership team puts those opportunities in front of us during work hours, with topics applicable to just about everyone such as HTML and presentation skills.

What is your life outside of Fell Swoop like?

I’ve been pretty big into the dance scene in Seattle. There’s a great community, such as Cornish, Century Ballroom, and Velocity Dance Center. I started taking classes at Velocity about nine years ago—primarily modern—and these days I take house and urban. I know I can’t learn every move right away, so when I start accomplishing things, I have a better appreciation for what I’m doing.

How did you come to Fell Swoop and how has it changed?

I was introduced to Matt Dente for a freelance project. This was back in 2009, I think. I later joined officially in 2012. The biggest change is our location—it’s much better. The atmosphere of the office is nice because of our new setup. Back in 2012, we were more bare bones. We focused on building the right team, rather than bringing in deluxe, flashy toys.

You’re one of our office bakers. Do you bake a lot?

I love to bake. I also have a really good cookbook from the Macrina Bakery, so I feel like I’m cheating when I bake. I’d like to take a class about presentation baking because sometimes things come out looking a little funny, like the brownies I made that caved in the middle. (Ed. note: the brownies were 100 percent delicious.)

What else?

I like art projects. I used to do stained glass for a while. I made a few pieces for my house. Stained glass is tricky. Soldering is hard, plus cutting glass. It’s a little scary. It takes a long time to do one piece, but I liked it.

How is Fell Swoop different from other agencies?

We share the same ideals at Fell Swoop. When a CEO hasn’t done a job from the ground up, he or she has a tendency to be blind to what a designer, production assistant, or others might go through. Matt, Ryan, and Diane had that background; they started at the beginning, so they understand what it’s like.