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Visualize Your Future: Fell Swoop’s Clarity Lab

We’ve all seen it before. You’re under the gun, charged with bringing a new product to life in your organization. Maybe it’s a mobile app, a web app, or an ecommerce website. You need to compete by delivering an exceptional user experience. You need to increase conversion, engagement, or registrations. You have a goal, so do your customers, and you need to find some magical way to make everyone happy.

So you put some thought into solving the problem. You generate product ideas, you describe them, talk about them, and think everything through. You develop a strategy and set a launch date. There’s one problem; you have no idea what the user experience should be or how the user interface should work. Then you ask yourself, how can I be sure this will work if I have no idea what it is? It’s not clear. Not yet. You need a design team, a partner that can really take your idea on and bring it to life.

And you need to do it quickly.

To address this situation, we’ve developed a rapid ideation process we call the Clarity Lab to help our clients bring their digital product concepts to life quickly, and evaluate possible design directions in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Our approach leverages user-centered design best practices and Lean UX thinking to help our clients evaluate a range of concepts and quickly set course. We’ve used this approach successfully on projects for clients such as Time Inc., Condé Nast, and Clearwire (Sprint).

How does it work?

Clarity Lab Day 1: Kickoff Workshop

We start by meeting with you and your team. We gather all the stakeholders in a room for a three hour session. You need to prepare some information ahead of time including whatever background you have about your users, your business objectives, and the competitive landscape. During the session we’ll work with you to sort out and prioritize all of the information. We’ll conduct a few exercises that help us further clarify and prioritize your users, the key use cases, and any key requirements and constraints. At the conclusion of the meeting we’ll walk out of the room with a shared understanding of who we are designing for, what they need, what you want them to do, and what your objectives are.

Clarity Lab Day 2: Rapid Ideation

Our team gets to work on producing a range of concepts. We hand draw sketches for the key use cases bringing the story to life. We start to see for the first time how someone will move through a series of moments in a mobile app to find that perfect recipe, or how they’ll set up their account for the first time in an ecommerce platform. The valuable part of this step is that you’ll see a range of solutions quickly to identify the most promising options.

Clarity Lab Day 3: Design Review

On day three we all reconvene and our team presents our design concepts to you. You see a range of solutions, all hand drawn low fidelity sketches in a linear flow that illustrate what a user’s experience would be and how the system works. Then you see it. For the first time, you see your product come to life and within a few hours of review and discussion we set course for the next phase of design production and development.

While the process is important, it’s really our team that makes this possible. Fell Swoop’s highly experienced team of senior user experience designers offer deep experience in interaction design, branding, interface design, user research, and usability. We’re able to move quickly and make stellar recommendations because we’re able to draw on our years of experience. While experience means nearly everything, what makes us different from so many other firms is our ability to balance the art and science of user experience design. Many UX shops understand the nuts and bolts of conducting usability studies or producing interactive prototypes, but are severely lacking in their ability to solve problems creatively. Other branding shops have no clue where to start with designing user experiences. We’ve mastered the balance and discovered the best way to bring inspiring and engaging designs to life in a way that serves your business and your customers.

That’s what Fell Swoop does every day, and now, our Clarity Lab can do this for you in just three days.