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Condé Nast


Epicurious Mobile App

A fresh take on a classic favorite

Epicurious was one of the first big hits in the iTunes App store—but after seven years, it was overdue for a refresh. Condé Nast turned to us to help drive engagement by putting a crisp, modern, face on the user experience.

Epicurious Sketches

Gathering the ingredients for success

Using our efficient Clarity Lab™ workshop, we brought together the Epicurious team to harvest ideas, which became the foundation for more than a dozen user experience concepts. In just a few days, Epicurious had a diverse menu of options representing distinct strategic and tactical approaches.


Epicurious wanted as much parity between the tablet and smartphone experience as possible, while acknowledging the unique contexts and usage scenarios involved. Testing our prototypes with users helped us right-fit the features of the app to each device.

Presentation is everything

We took the team’s chosen concept from the Clarity Lab™ and crafted a user interface that expresses the Epicurious brand down to the most minute details. For today’s sophisticated app users, this level of precision is an essential ingredient in communicating a high-quality brand image.

Photo of Kitchen

“The new layout and design was a long time coming, and now it’s here, it doesn’t disappoint. Makes me much more likely to use the app, simply because it feels like it’s a fun app to explore.”

- Fashonista24, App Store Reviewer

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