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Get cooking with your favorite celebrity chefs, reality stars and Hollywood VIPs.

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Building loyalty with smart brand extensions

To build loyalty in an ever-changing publishing market, People rewards digital subscribers with access to premium-quality smartphone apps. People Celeb Food gives readers a place at the table with celebrities, enabling them to sample favorite recipes and fresh content right on their smartphones.

From ideas to action in record time

People CelebFood Sketches
People CelebFood Sketches

We gave People the VIP treatment with our efficient and fast-paced Clarity Lab™ workshop. In just three days, we went from gathering information to rapid-fire concept development to a clear design direction.

People CelebFood Sketches

Giving users more of what they crave

People Celeb Food gives users a simple, fun, intuitive experience with the ability to search by celebrity, save favorites, and access occasion-specific content bundles—all in a crisp interface designed for the increasingly sophisticated tastes of today’s mobile users.

App Close Ups

“We’ve been getting tremendously positive feedback about the app design.”

- Amy Ryan, Director Project Management, Time Inc.

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