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Condé Nast recently made the decision to ask readers to pay for online access to The New Yorker, their most beloved brand. This initiative was timed to coincide with a top-to-bottom redesign of the site, transforming it into an online media destination with web-exclusive content and access to The New Yorker’s vast archive. The team at Condé Nast looked to Fell Swoop to design an experience that guided readers through the process - from the initial messaging to an optimized subscription sign-up page.

We set out to design an experience that would live up to The New Yorker brand, one that infused the magazine’s personality into every touch point and respected the intelligence of the reader every step of the way.


The route to the best work.

We kicked off the project with a Clarity Lab™ in New York. During this three-day collaborative workshop with the Condé Nast team, we quickly defined goals and honed in on a design strategy.

From there, we built prototypes of the designs to test with subscribers. We were able to see how people navigated the process and reacted to the messaging, allowing us to refine and retool until everything was working as hard as it could.


Selling content by celebrating it.

We also created a campaign of house ad placements – designed to promote subscriptions – that were strategically placed throughout the site. The creative direction mirrored the wit and intelligence of the brand, reminding readers just how valuable and unique The New Yorker is.


Subscribing made simple.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we looked at ways to make the subscription process as easy and intuitive as possible. We also evaluated different promotional offers - and ways to display them - to discover what the audience found most compelling.



increased on ad placements


up on buy flow forms

Always looking for ways to improve.

We continue testing and optimizing the messaging and the process. Meanwhile, The New Yorker subscriptions continue to rise.



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