PCC Markets

Ecommerce Website

A fresh, local, sustainable site for a community co-op

It doesn’t get any more local than this

PCC is a Seattle-based grocery co-op founded in 1953. In the era of delivery on demand and organic food becoming available at major grocery chains, the pressure is on to reassert the value of a truly local option for healthy eating and living.

In concert with a brand campaign that focused on the value of PCC as a community resource, and kick-started by a Clarity Lab workshop, we approached the assignment with the goal of creating a hub for that community—a place to learn and be inspired. And maybe find a great recipe for all that kale.

Modularity + Simplicity

We developed the site on a WordPress CMS, and crafted a customized admin interface that gives PCC a high degree of control and flexibility to create pages, modify layouts, and edit content—all with a small, mostly non-technical team.