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Enterprise UX: An award-winning design system in marketing automation

Adding form to function

European software company Selligent had a solid user base for their dual Campaign and Engagement Sphere marketing automation platforms, but they knew they could do better.

They were facing mounting pressure from their competitors, and although their solutions were loaded with industry-leading features, from a UI design standpoint they weren’t keeping pace with the times.

What was needed was a comprehensive UX update to merge the two products and enable a host of new features, along with a complete overhaul of the visual UI to bring the platform up to date with trends in contemporary enterprise application design.

One design system to rule them all

We created an updated unified design system, built on a system of components, all sharing the same base grid and overall proportions. We combined these components into larger modules where we saw repeating tasks and features. We also kept track of interaction patterns in order to keep the usage quickly learnable for a new user, and familiar across the platform for experienced users.

I’m very pleased with the approach that Fell swoop has taken. They’ve hit just the right balance of action vs. analysis, and consultation vs. independent creation.

Nick Worth Chief Marketing Officer, Selligent