The New Yorker Consumer Marketing

Helping Condé Nast navigate the world of paid content

The best writing anywhere, everywhere doesn’t come free

As part of the launch of a totally redesigned, Condé Nast looked to us to help them launch their first-ever paywall in order to convert browsers to paid subscribers. Our challenge was to deliver an effective paywall experience consistent with the New Yorker brand, encouraging subscriptions without alienating readers.

Tapping the brand power of humor

We took advantage of the increased site traffic generated by the site redesign and launched a targeted campaign of house display ads to remind readers of the value of The New Yorker in their lives. The campaign lines Read something that means something and The best writing anywhere, everywhere were paired with humorous cartoons from The New Yorker’s vast archive. It was such a privilege to have their entire cartoon collection at our disposal.

When it came to designing the potentially disruptive paywall, we continued to incorporate wit and humor to create a seamless, on-brand experience.

Forms follow function

We optimized the design of the subscription buyflow to improve usability and increase the likelihood of a click turning into a conversion. We also tested new ways to increase speed of completing the transaction, like allowing subscribers to pay with their Amazon account.


A subscription-generating machine that exceeded the performance of existing subscription buyflow—and client expectations—by a wide margin.


Increase in ad click-thru


Increase in subscriptions


Increase in conversion

Services included

  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Clarity Lab
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Visual Design
  • Production
  • HTML Prototyping

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